All Inkplicity HP 934XL-935XL, 950XL-951XL and HP 970XL-971XL ink cartridges have been outfitted with a compatible 'SCC chipset' version which will work with the most recent printer firmware update from HP (rolled on Sept. 13, 2016). Unfortunately the majority of on-line (3rd party e-commerce) and select in-store compatible, clone or remanufactured ink cartridges do not use the more advanced type of smart chip. The majority of these cartridges will be locked out - refer to Actionable Intelligence's article at link below. When a lock-out occurs the most common error message observed is "One or more of the cartridges are missing or damaged", etc. 

ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE - HP Inkjet Printer Firmware Update Disables Some Third Party Inkjet Cartridges

NOTE: All four cartridges will need to have the latest 'SCC' chip revision installed for the printer to function correctly. All Inkplicity HP ink cartridges feature the latest chip version. It is ok to have a mix of brand new HP original ink cartridges and Inkplicity cartridges (or refilled ink cartridges from any our retail refill partners - link below) which have the latest chip versions installed. Mixing of these cartridges will function satisfactorily. Save an extra 15% by entering code ‘SAVE15’ on your next purchase during cart checkout.

Ensure you have the latest HP printer firmware installed, click here to see HP downloads page for your printer model. Download and install as necessary:

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