HP recently executed a firmware update ~April 12, 2019 that affected printer families utilizing HP 902, 902XL, 906XL ink cartridges.

NOTE: All Inkplicity HP 902XL ink cartridges have new generation chips installed (May 2019) and will function normally, to order click here

Refilled HP 902, 902XL, 906XL ink series printer models which display printer/cartridge error messages such as “cartridge problem”, “incompatible cartridge”, “remove and re-install cartridges”, “cartridges not installed properly”, etc. then it is possible the new HP firmware has been installed onto your printer.




The new HP printer firmware version (1910A) will lock-out remanufactured (refilled) ink cartridges if the two (2) steps are completed:

  • Firmware update is installed (if you clicked ‘Yes’) – see photo at right. It is strongly suggested you click ‘No‘ when this message is displayed to avoid cartridge lock-out.
    • For instructions and disabling future printer HP Auto Updates, click here.
    • You can permanently disable HP Automatic updates via the printer's control panel (HP OJ Pro 8710 printer), click here to watch youtube video.
  • Refilled cartridge is installed after firmware update (cartridges currently installed in the printer will be unaffected until they are replaced with a new refill)


There is no simple process for remanufactured (refilled) ink cartridge customers to deactivate once the 1910A HP printer firmware update is installed. As well, it is not possible to return the printer to the previous firmware version. If you did perform a PRINTER UPDATE then all of the remanufactured (refilled) cartridge chips are likely locked out due to the new firmware update from HP. Cartridges will need to be returned to our facility and re-chipped to restore full ink cartridge/printer functionality.

HOWEVER, there is a workaround solution available if you have or obtain an extra/spare set of HP 952/952XL OEM ORIGINAL ink cartridges…refer to the suggested bypass procedure below…



If you have a spare set of HP 902 or 902XL OEM ORIGINAL empty, new or even partially full cartridges on-hand, you can perform the CARTRIDGE SWAP PROCEDURE which will get you up and running again with the refilled cartridges.*

You can activate the newly refilled cartridge by inserting a HP 902 or 902XL ORIGINAL empty or partially full ‘same color spare cartridge’ into the printer for ~25 seconds.*  Quickly remove the 902/902XL original cartridge within 30 seconds following insertion into the printer, then you can install the Refilled cartridge(s) and printer operations should be able to resume relatively normally (i.e. some nuisance messages will be observed during printing operations, i.e. ‘Non-Genuine Cartridge’, ‘Counterfeit’ alert messages, but these may be ignored/bypassed at the printer).


HP 902, 902XL Cartridge Problem (Firmware Update Lock-Out): Bypass Instructions Video


*Only HP OEM ORIGINAL ink cartridges (i.e. HP 902 standard or 902 XL new cartridges purchased from HP) can be used to reset the printer each time. Requires a complete set of spare cartridges to activate a full set of refilled ink cartridges. You may NOT use a ‘STARTER/SETUP cartridge’ or an ‘INSTANT INK READY’ cartridge. Nor can you use ‘remanufactured’ or ‘compatible’ cartridges which were purchased off the internet. Each color must be activated by a ‘same color spare cartridge’ HP ORIGINAL OEM ink cartridge.

CAUTION: If installing an ’empty’ HP OEM ORIGINAL cartridge, only allow empty cartridge to be installed in the printer for 30 seconds maximum, then immediately remove it. Otherwise, if empty cartridge remains in printer for more than 1 minute, air could be ingested into the built-in printhead and may result in a ‘depleted cartridge’or ‘cartridge failure’ error message (…if this happens just activate 1 or 2 ‘Printhead Cleans’ from the Tools/Maintenance printer menu to clear the error condition).


What printers are impacted by the April 12, 2019 firmware upgrade?


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