For a Canon PG-40 (black) or CL-41 (color) ink cartridge ink alert/error  "Flashing light", "Ink Low", "Ink Out", or similar error condition and the inability to print to your Canon printer, you will need to RESET the printer following cartridge installation. 

Essentially, in most cases, all you need to do is PRESS & HOLD the ‘Stop’ or 'Stop/Reset' button (triangle symbol inside of a circle) for 8 seconds and the ink error ("ink has run out", etc.) indicators should extinguish; two common reset procedures are provided below (please refer to both videos):

Canon 40/41: Canon Printer Reset Instructions (video)

However, if you have already attempted the 5-8 second printer reset without success, then one of the ink cartridges may have internally electrically failed. Even though printing may be permitted while displaying the errors in most cases the ink cartridge(s) may still be suffering from marginal internal electrical performance. See WORST CASE SCENARIO section below.


NOTE 1: Providing you can still print, you will need to wait until the "ink has run out" message appears on your computer, before activating the 'Stop/Resume' button for 5-8 seconds. However, if printing is not permissible, then please keep reading...

NOTE 2: If you are able to print the internal self test print, this will demonstrate that the ink cartridge is 'at least' partially functioning. If this is the case, then we suggest you continue printing until the software prompts you to press the 'Stop/Reset' button for >5 seconds. For poor print quality performance issues (as you indicated in your inquiry), we suggest you run a nozzle/cartridge clean test from your Canon software, followed by printing our 'Ink Recovery Test' print: Test Print CMYK.pdf

To help reset the ink level monitoring feature, please attempt the following to rule out all variables:
1. To rule out connectivity issues, please ensure BOTH carriage/flex cables (point where the cartridge connects to carriage inside the printer) and BOTH ink cartridge rear electrical contact surfaces are thoroughly clean before proceeding: 

2. We suggest you first attempt the basic (universal) ink level reset procedures (A. and B. below) before attempting the more advanced procedures:

A. Canon BASIC Ink Level Reset Procedure: [refer to both videos here: ]
1.            Install cartridge and start print job.
2.            After first message appears, click ‘OK’ to continue. Printer should start printing.
3.            If second message appears and printer’s LCD screen displays error code “E”, then DO NOT click ‘CANCEL PRINTING’.
4.            Press and hold down ‘Stop’/’Reset’ button (triangle-circle icon) on your printer for 5-8 seconds. Printer should start printing.

B. Canon Ink Level Reset Procedure #2 [primarily intended for Canon iP printer models]:
1.            Press and Hold the Resume (triangle-circle) button.
2.            Press and Hold the Power Button; hold both buttons for 5 seconds.
3.            Release the Resume (triangle-circle) button.
4.            Press the Resume button 5 times.
5.            Release the Power button. The blinking ink level/power light should go steady after a few seconds.
--- Printing may continue under the ‘ink out’ condition.


If, after performing the suggested 'reset' procedures above, you still have an error condition which prohibits computer/host based printing (or permit copy/scan functions), then the ink cartridge probably has internal electrical damage (micro-electronics failure). Typically, when the cartridge fails the problem is 'masked' by the ink out/empty condition so it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. Many cartridges eventually do encounter problems or failures, especially after their original ink is gone and they are re-used, and this is often unrelated to the remanufacturing process. Refer to picture below:

If, following a reset of the printer via the ‘Stop/Resume’ button, printing is permitted but the ‘Ink Low’ or "Ink Out' indicator continues to be lit then one of the inks cartridges may be suffering from marginal internal electrical performance and may need to be replaced.

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