Select HP 60, 61, 62, 63, 564, 901, 932, 933, 950, 951 and 952 standard and XL (high yield) remanufactured ink cartridges are available via Amazon: 

Available at Amazon

If you are unable to locate your ink cartridge via Amazon above (limited HP offerings), then may we suggest you try a HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Dell or Lexmark remanufactured ink cartridge via this web site.

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All Inkplicity ink cartridges have a high reliability rating, come with a 1-year warranty and provide free shipping for all orders above $30 (NOTE: purchases available for USA residents only). Click Here to browse products for more information.

Refill your own Ink Cartridges using our High-Quality Inks

If you are tech savvy and would like to refill your own ink cartridge(s) using our High-Quality inks, choose any of our Universal CMYK ink bottle offerings which are compatible with most inkjet cartridges. Just order direct from our Amazon product page ($14.99 or $19.99 for a 500 ml bottle of ink!): 

BLACK Bulk Ink (500 ml bottle) - Pigment 
CYAN Bulk Ink (500 ml bottle) - Dye 
MAGENTA Bulk Ink (500 ml bottle) - Dye 
YELLOW Bulk Ink (500 ml bottle) - Dye 

Inkplicity 500 ml Ink Bottles

Inkplicity DIY (do it yourself) Ink Benefits:

- Inkplicity Standard Universal Black Refill Ink - 500 ml (16.8 oz) Pigment Black for printers: HP Canon Brother Epson Lexmark Dell or CIS/CISS Ink System

- Inkplicity Standard Universal Cyan, Magenta or Yellow Refill Ink - 500 ml (16.8 oz) Color (C, M, Y) Dye for printers: HP Canon Brother Epson Lexmark Dell

Bulk Ink Refill Value: High-Quality, Affordable, Green

Inkplicity bulk ink is premium quality pigment-based black & dye based color inks for use in HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Dell and other inkjet printers.

500 ml of Black Pigment (PGBK) refill ink. Inkplicity premium inks provide bold, vibrant blacks to create like-new quality at a high discount price that is a fraction of what you pay with new cartridges. 500 ml of Universal Cyan, Magenta or Yellow premium dye refill inks provide bold, vibrant colors. Our consistent quality inks compare favorably to original manufacturer's ink quality. Refilling your own printer ink cartridges or CIS, CISS system is very eco-friendly: 1) re-using is better than buying a new replacement cartridge, and 2) refilling uses less energy than purchasing replacement cartridges. Inkplicity bulk inks work reliably in printers requiring standard black pigment inks (PGBK or similar designation) and inkjet printers which use standard color dye inks.

Compatible with:HP Envy printers, HP Photosmart printers, HP Deskjet printers, HP OfficeJet printers, HP Tango printers, Canon Pixma printers, Epson Workforce printers, Brother printers. Our USA based support team are available to answer any ink product questions.

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