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What are the advantages of a remanufactured ink cartridge?

You save money on your cartridge purchase AND it is good for the environment since you are reusinga previously used ink cartridge. With our machine-controlled fill process you can expect excellent quality for less than buying a new cartridge.

What is the proper way to handle a cartridge?

For integrated ink cartridges (i.e. those found in all 2-cartridge equipped printer models), do not allow print head’s gold plate/nozzles to make contact with objects – this can damage the micro-electronics.

How do I know that the cartridge will work in my printer?

Our center tests your cartridge and verifies that ink is flowing through the nozzles correctly.

How much ink do I get in a remanufactured ink cartridge?

We closely match and in most cases significantly exceed the amount of ink you get when you buy a new cartridge.

Is the ink the same quality as an original HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark or Dell cartridge?

Ink quality does make a difference in your print quality, that’s why we do not use Universal Ink in our refill solution. We use cartridge specific ink to match OEM colors and to ensure the highest possible output quality for each cartridge type.

Will I get similar results to a new cartridge?

Yes, the results you will get from a remanufactured ink cartridge will closely match OEM.  For most consumers, there will be no significant difference in everyday printing quality.  Whether printing with new or remanufactured ink cartridges, always use inkjet specific paper for best printing results.

What if there is a problem with my cartridge?

First refer to our general solutions below. If this does not resolve the problem then submit an inquiry to our Customer Support team here and we will respond to you shortly

What if my printer display poor print quality or I observe missing colors?

This could be caused by paper fiber and/or debris build up in the ink cartridge carriage (where the cartridge makes contact with the carriage inside the printer). We recommend running routine maintenance on your printer to maintain peak performance and prevent debris build up - refer to your printer user guide to run routine cleaning cycles. If the problem persists, you may have to remove the cartridges and ensure the contact and cable surfaces are free of ink residue. Visit Inkjet411.com for additional solutions

What if the cartridge is not registering (i.e. Missing Cartridge’ message or similar)?

  1. Verify that shipping tape is removed from the cartridge’s gold contacts/printhead surface.

  2. Gently wipe cartridge’s printhead area and printer circuitry (i.e. gold contact area) with a nonabrasive towel to ensure there is no ink residue/debris.See cleaning instructions on the printer manufacturer’s website; some of which suggest cleaning the connections with a damp coffee filter.

    Inkjet Cartridge Troubleshooting
  3. Turn printer off. Unplug power cord and other cables. Wait 30 seconds. Plug cords and cables back in.

  4. Visit Inkjet411.com for additional solutions.

What if I observe “Low Ink” or “Empty Ink” message following cartridge installation?

For select HP, Lexmark and Dell integrated ink cartridges the printer may incorrectly display ink levels. You may ignore this message by pressing Ok/Continue/Dismiss and resume normal printing. For select Canon cartridges you may have to depress the Stop/Resume button on printer (i.e. upside triangle-circle icon) for 5-8 seconds to reset the ink monitoring circuitry. Visit  Inkjet411.com  for additional solutions.

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